On the show "Gilmore Girls" Rorys third serious boyfriend Logan Huntsburger moved back from London and just got a job in California. He decides that since Rory and him have been dating for three years and have already tried long distance that he would purpose at her graduation party. He asked Rory's mother for permission and we never had the chance of hearing her answer, but it must have been yes since he went along with his plan. He made a speach about how amazing she was and how he doesn't know much just that he loves her. Then pops the question. Rory is taken back with suprise and ask him to step out side, when they go out side we can see Rory is excited and wants to marry him but she says she didn't have any time to think about it. At her graduation she ask if they could stay together awhile longer then try again but Logan says its all or nothing. Rory hands Logan the ring and thats the last we see of him. What Logan should have done was ask her to move with him to California as his girlfriend and after they get their life in order ask her privately and let her decide. I think it should have been private and maybe after they had lived together in California for awhile. If he would have done this maybe the storyline would have lasted andother one to three seasons and she would have said yes.

Team Logan!!

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