Jess – For my services
Luke – What services? What place? ...Jess; are you a gigolo?
—Walmart Revelation
Take the Deviled Eggs... is the sixth episode of Season 3 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


When Rory (Alexis Bledel) is invited to Sherry's (guest star Madchen Amick) baby shower, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is forced to attend as well and inadvertently learns more about Christopher's life than she wanted to know. Meanwhile, when Luke (Scott Patterson) interrogates Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) about where he got the money to buy a used car, he discovers that Jess has a surprising second job.


Lorelai chauffeurs Rory to Sherry's baby shower in Boston and finds herself dragged into the festivities against her will. Miss Patty gets a new beau. Jess comes home with a car and Luke tries to find out where he got the money to pay for it. One of Stars Hollow's more eccentric citizens requests a permit to mount a demonstration in the town square.


  • Sherry thanks Lorelai for saving her relationship with Christopher.
  • The town loner makes his first and only appearance, protesting something the town can't make out.
  • Rabbi Barans and Reverend Skinner make their first appearances.
  • The town is filled with pumpkins indicating the Autumn Festival.


  • "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung
  • "Baby Face" by Bennie Davis and Harry Akst
  • "Who's That Girl?" by White and Schogger
  • "Fingersnap" by Chucho Merchan


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Lorelai: I once told the store that my name was Squeegy Beckinheim just to see how many catalogs they'd sell my name to. And apparently, my name is to catalog companies what Brooke Shields' picture is to Chinese Restaurants.
Lorelai: But it's our Boo Radley...
Luke: You mean like the Revolutionary War.
Babette: Or Rosa Parks?
Lorelai: (sings) They're cousins, identical cousins. . .
Luke: Insurance?
Jess: I'm in good hands.
Luke: Did you make sure Andrew Jackson was on the bills, not Alfred E. Neuman or someone?
Rabbi: We answer to a higher the hot dog.
Reverend: Maybe the Shakers in Woodbury would take him.
Jess: Geez, how Andy Griffith is this town that people get so excited by a car?
Lorelai: No, "For Keeps". Uh, Molly Ringwald, Randall Batinkoff, little underrated post-John Hughes flick. She went to prom fat. I found it really inspirational.
Lorelai: I almost named you Quincy.
Lorelai: They're identical. Two syllables, repeating consonants. Rory. G.G.
Rory: Oprah. Uma.
Jess: Call me Dirk Squarejaw.
Lorelai: She's Rand McNally.
Taylor: Well, you can hang out in Haight-Ashbury and drink as much electric Kool-Aid as you want, Babette, but I'm preparing for the worst.