Guess what it stands for
—T.J.'s intro to people[src]
T.J. is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Michael DeLuise.


Luke Danes' buffoonish brother-in-law, and the husband of Liz Danes. His real name is Gary. He is a capable carpenter[1], but is inept as a contractor when Lorelai Gilmore remodels her house[2]. Lorelai lets him think he is the acting contractor, while in reality she has another contractor handling the details. He is a generally likeable character, though abrupt, with a heavy New York accent.


So a lap is just an illusion!
Luke Can See Her Face
I learned quickly that without an immediate influx of cash, I can no longer afford to be a jealous man
Emily Says Hello


  • T.J. has been arrested twice when he got jealous (presumably, though not stated, for getting into a fist fight with someone.)[3]

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