Straub Hayden is a guest character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Peter Michael Goetz.


Straub is Christopher Hayden's father and, similarly to Richard Gilmore, a businessman of great wealth. Straub is an attorney and donates money to worthwhile causes. He and his family line have all attended Princeton, which was his goal for Christopher as well. That it never came to pass was an anger and disappointment Straub held on to for the rest of his life, which precluded him from attempting to get to know his granddaughter, Rory Gilmore.[1]

When Lorelai found out she was pregnant, Straub tried to convince Emily and Richard that Lorelai should have an abortion. However, Emily refused.[2] While Emily and Richard appear to have been friends with the Haydens until Lorelai's pregnancy, Emily says flat out to Rory that Straub is a 'big ass'. Straub and his wife Francine were living abroad and only came back to the U.S. when he became ill.


Christopher Hayden

Chris and his father are not close, but Chris is still devastated when he dies. Straub had limited contact with Rory and in 1.15 said, "I don't care how smart that girl is... she (Lorelai) ruined Christopher's future."

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