Stars Hollow History Museum is briefly a business on WB drama Gilmore Girls, situated in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


The Stars Hollow History museum comprises possible historical documentation, which Taylor Doose had trouble verifying. Thus it was built as a diorama taking visitors through speculative Stars Hollow history. The upstairs contains the dioramic presentation, whilst the downstairs area is a display room of Joshua Twickham's possibly historical memorabilia.


The museum was originally the Twickham House, belonging to the Twickham family of Stars Hollow, left to the town when its last resident, Joshua Twickham, passed away.


The Stars Hollow Historical Society assembled a team of volunteers to help turn Joshua Twickham's belongings into a historical display of interest to the public. The following worked on the museum:

Kirk Gleason
Taylor Doose
Luke Danes
Dean Forester


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