SookieYou think we'll still be friends when we're dead?
LorelaiI will if you will
―Fran's funeral[src]
Sookie and Lorelai is a friendship on WB drama Gilmore Girls. They are portrayed by Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham.


Sookie and Lorelai are best friends, colleagues and co-owners of the Dragonfly Inn. They meet through their mutual employment at the Independence Inn, and form a strong bond over several years. It is not mentioned that Lorelai met Sookie when she arrived at the Inn, nor is any age difference ever remarked upon, but Sookie did know Lorelai when the latter was moving from the potting shed at the Independence Inn into her house in 1995[2]. Set up as a kind of straight man/absent-minded duo, their friendship has many facets and endures conflicts.

When it comes to major events and experiences, Sookie is the emotionally mature of the two. Although shying away from conflict, Sookie is direct with Lorelai about her feelings when they have arguments[3], as opposed to Lorelai who never comes out and says how she really feels to almost anyone. Though this precludes the two from ever truly being close, they are always there for each other with support, love and advice and enjoy a succesful working relationship to boot. Although Lorelai is emotionally evasive, Sookie always attempts to call her bluff to help her best friend.

Independence Inn

Although Lorelai is technically Sookie's superior, the two have more of a collaborative working relationship, no doubt inspired by their strong friendship. Sookie often comes over to visit with Lorelai and Rory at the house, almost always offering to dazzle them with her renowned culinary prowess[4]. Sookie is also the only close friend of Lorelai's to watch Rory grow up, and whom Rory has known her entire life, which makes Sookie and Lorelai's relationship that much more intense in nature.


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