Lorelai – She sounds like wonder woman
Sookie – She was to Luke. I thought they were gonna get married
—Lorelai and Sookie on Rachel[src]
Rachel is a recurring character on Season 1 of WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Lisa Ann Hadley.


Rachel used to live in Stars Hollow and dated Luke, around 1995. While Sookie relays that they were truly in love, she surmised that maybe Rachel's personality didn't suit small town life, as she is very adventurous in spirit. Rachel returns to Stars Hollow to see Luke again, and also helps Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie find the Dragonfly Inn.

Luke fears getting close to her again because she left him before. She apparently gets bored in Stars Hollow and enjoys being in new places. She is a photographer. She leaves Stars Hollow for good in the Season 1 finale, because she believes Luke is in love with Lorelai and tells him "not to wait long."



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