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For any of Jess’s shenanigans, he did have a very, very good heart. He wasn’t without sympathy, he wasn’t without kindness. He had all of that inside. He was just, you know, a little wounded when he was a kid and he had to grow out of it
—Ventimiglia on Jess[1]
Milo Ventimiglia is an American actor best known for portraying Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls and Peter Petrelli on NBC sci-fi series Heroes. He currently stars on NBC drama This Is Us.


Ventimiglia started out his acting career with a bit role as a teen on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air[2]. On contract with Warner Bros. he was in Scott Baio helmed series Rewrite, and a high school dramedy entitled The Opposite Sex, which also starred future Captain America, Chris Evans[3].

Following Gilmore Girls, Ventimiglia had a recurring role on NBC drama American Dreams and went on to star as Rocky's son in the new installment of the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa (2006)[4]. He also starred in the Nicole Kidman helmed Grace of Monaco (2012)[4].

After his role on webseries Chosen (2013)[2], Ventimiglia had a 2015 guest arc on FOX drama Gotham (2014) and starred on the Spielberg-produced ABC series The Whispers (2015). Ventimiglia has a starring role in a new NBC drama This Is Us, premiering fall 2016.

Private life

Ventimiglia is of Sicilian heritage on his father's side, Irish, Scottish, French, Cherokee and Blackfoot on his mother's[4]. He moved to L.A. when he was 18[3]. Ventimiglia knows a bit of French, Spanish and Italian, and is currently taking weekly classes in Japanese.[3].


  • As a souvenir from the set, Ventimiglia stated he still has Jess's leather jacket.[5]
  • His mother was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls before he got the part of Jess[3].
  • After the cancellation of the proposed Gilmore Girls spin-off Windward Circle, Ventimiglia had a meeting where he was offered either a part on The West Wing or E.R. – and chose E.R[3].
    • However, Warner Bros. decided they wanted to extend a partnership with Ventimiglia, although this did not come to fruition[3].
  • Ventimiglia is Team Dean, citing the 'purity of the character' and also the feeling that it would be a bit narcissistic to be Team Jess. He does go on to state that he never thought that Jess was Rory's endgame, but someone she could 'learn a lot about life from'.[3].


THIS IS US - Official Trailer - NBC Fall Shows 201602:35

THIS IS US - Official Trailer - NBC Fall Shows 2016


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