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Louise Grant is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Teal Redmann.

Character Edit

Louise is a Chilton student and friend of Paris Geller. She's very clear that she knows exactly what life is about, is cunning, at times devious and cold. She flirts with a lot of different boys, never seeming to have a romance with anyone she cares about, and her partner-in-crime is the more innocent, sweet Madeline.

Although the two hang out with Paris, they're not exactly alike as Louise and Madeline don't put a lot of thought into their college applications or future, but merely set out to enjoy themselves in their parents' vision of what their lives should be.

Series arc Edit

Along with Madeline Lynn, she helps Paris intimidate Rory in early episodes. She has blonde hair and is very keen on boys. During the early seasons, she and Madeline are very hostile towards Rory but warm up to her and even express jealousy towards her relationship with Lorelai. She attends college at Tulane as of season 4 where her close friend Madeline Lynn stays with her. She eventually drops out of college to stay in Florida on Spring Break.

Trivia Edit

  • Her father is a businessman; as the first three seasons go on, it's revealed that he was involved in shady business. He's eventually indicted for it, as Louise has to visit him at jail during one of the Christmas holidays.
  • Her mother has one affair that she knows of.[1]
  • She has a fondness for vintage designer goods.[1]

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Notes and references Edit

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