Lorelai Out of Water is the 12th episode of Season 3 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


Alex invites Lorelai on a fishing trip. Sounds like fun...except Lorelai doesn't know which end of the pole to hold. Enter Luke, the Izaak Walton of Stars Hollow. Paris tries to impeach Rory.


Luke is opposed to having Taylor's attorney Nicole oversee the paperwork for the construction of the new soda shop until he meets the attractive redhead. Lane's clever scheme to get her mother's permission to attend the prom horribly backfires. Luke offers to teach Lorelai the fine art of angling after Alex invites her to go fishing. Rory and Lorelai clear out their garage for Lane's band. Paris calls for Rory's impeachment by the student council.


Sure, we’re girls, so we could only be arguing about a boy, right? Sexist, white-haired –
– Paris
In the future, I would advise you to think long and hard about accepting any responsibility if you intend to run away from it at the first sign of conflict
Charleston to Rory


  • First appearance of Nicole Leahy.
  • Luke discovers Lorelai is dating someone, which makes him ask out Nicole.
  • Rory has been attending Kim family weddings with Lane, held at Kim's Antiques, since they met when they were 4.
  • Lorelai bought the jeep in 1999.


ave maria | FRANZ SCHUBERT






Lorelai – You stood by calmly like Dr. Dolittle chatting with the bat.
Rory – It was a bat, wasn't it?
Lorelai – Wearing an Ozzfest T-shirt, I believe.
Rory – Will the man never be able to live that down?
LorelaiJoe Namath will forever be wearing pantyhose.
Lorelai: The note said it was okay.
Rory: Well, how did he know it was authentic?
Lorelai: I wrote it on Powerpuff Girl stationery. Who'd he think was setting him up? Hello Kitty?
Rory: We're pack rats.
Lorelai: We're Sanford and Son.
Rory: I'm good, Pamela Des Barres.
Lorelai: I'm gonna go on inside and write to Tipper, great gal. See you guys later.
Rory: Bye, Pam.
Dave: I mean, you've got the potential, but you're sloppy. I need a clean roll on the toms but powerful, like Moon.
Jess: Guess Gloria Allred wants to go slumming.
Luke: Thelma, Louise.
Paris: Save the act for Sundance, you little snitch.
Rory: I didn't snitch.
Paris: Said the weak-kneed turncoat.
Rory: Nixon's bad seed.
Paris: Daughter of Judas.
Lorelai: The cork fell off my hook, and Jayne Mansfield over here bit.

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