Lorelai's House is a fictional location on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is located in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


Lorelai bought this house in 1995[1] after she saved enough money from working at the Independence Inn. Most of the furniture found in the house, including the beds, are discarded pieces from the Inn, courtesy of Mia. Everything else is items Lorelai has added over the years – including the infamous monkey lamp and the dancing rabbi doll which plays Hava Nagila. This is where Rory grew up.

Throughout the seasons, the house takes quite the beating- it is definitely a house that one would call "lived in"- although it is a very remarkable, clean, nicely decorated house. It received most of its nicks and damages from termites, and GiGi, Christophers daughter. In seasons 5 and 6 Luke and Lorelai renovate the house, sprucing it up and painting it as well, since they are getting married.



Lorelai's house floor plan

The house has two levels. From the entry downstairs, with a small square hallway, there's two archways - one on the right leading into the hallway from the living room to the kitchen, and another on the left, leading in to living room. The kitchen has a backdoor, which Babette often uses when she pops over. Rory's bedroom is downstairs, adjacent to the kitchen, while Lorelai's room is upstairs to the left. The stairs lead to a small hallway, ending in the bathroom (which, presumably, is the only bathroom in the house until the remodel). The upstairs is featured much more when Luke and Lorelai begin the remodel and expansion of the bedroom.


  • Lorelai's paternal grandmother, Trix, only visited once, in 2003.
  • Early on, there's a bathroom downstairs, which is later a closet (the one where Lorelai stores the Dean box).


Notes and references

  1. Concert Interruptus

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