Jamie is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed Brandon Barash.


Jamie is Paris 's first boyfriend that she meets the summer before she is a senior at Chilton. She meets him at the summer student government program in Washington DC. Jamie is a year older than Paris, and goes to Princeton. Paris falls for Jamie quickly because she has never experienced someone loving her as he did. Paris loses her virginity to him in Season 3 and blames him for her rejection from Harvard and blows up at Chilton's Bicentennial. Paris and Jamie stay together for about a season, although their relationship is marginalized.

Jamie's character is brought back when Paris begins to have an affair with a Yale professor, Asher Fleming, and Paris strings Jamie along, even though her heart belongs to Asher. Jamie comes to visit Paris at Yale on his birthday, and Paris breaks up with him, per Rory's advice.