The incidental music, or background music, for the show was written and performed by Sam Phillips. In addition to numerous other musical cues used throughout the show's seven seasons, a few have been presented on "Our Little Corner of the World: Music from the Gilmore Girls]]". Prototypical cues are guitar strums with simple "la la la" vocals,

"Our Little Corner of the World"

  • Waltz #1 (track 1) - Waltz, one vocal line, acoustic guitar, simple percussion
  • Getting Married (track 8) - 4/4 time?, "la la" vocals with separate backing vocal lines, acoustic guitar, no percussion.
  • Maybe Next Week (track 13) - faster tempo, single vocal line, guitar, shaker
  • Rory and Lane (track 22) - faster tempo, bass guitar, single vocal line, bells?


Official names unknown. Incomplete list.

  • Sneaky music - muted guitar bass line and percussion, no vocals

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