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Daniel Palladino is an American television producer, writer and director. He is known for his work on WB drama Gilmore Girls and FOX animation Family Guy.


Palladino is a frequent scriptwriter for the show, and is the husband of the show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. He is considered the major creative force behind the show, behind his wife. Both he and Sherman-Palladino left at the end of season six. Along with scriptwriting duties, he is listed in the credits as Executive Consultant. He is credited with writing 42 episodes, and directing 6 episodes.


  • Palladino can be spotted exiting Luke's early in the Pilot as Rory walks in.
  • According to Helen Pai, Daniel appears as one of the town troubadours in ep. 6.22. The scene starts with Sonic Youth, Taylor passes through, and ends with a guy singing, a guy playing stand-up bass and a guy playing an acoustic guitar. The singer is Daniel, while the stand-up bass player is Helen's husband, the real Dave Rygalski. The guitar player is the guy who plays Sebastian Bach's guitar off-camera. [1]




  1. Ode to Gilmore Girls: Behind the Musicality of TV’s Beloved Show

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