Alex Borstein is an American actor, comedian, voice actor, writer and producer, chiefly known for voicing Lois Griffin on FOX cartoon Family Guy. Borstein portrays Drella on Season 1 of Gilmore Girls.



Borstein as Sookie in the unaired Pilot

  • She portrays the harpist Drella in the first four episodes of Season 1 and Miss Celine.[1][2]
  • She is also the voice of the very angry Doris speaking on the answering machine of Lorelai's new neighbor Dwight.[3]
  • According to Borstein's IMDB page, she was also some of the museum voices in the Stars Hollow Museum in the old Twickham House.
  • Borstein originally portrayed Sookie in the unaired pilot, but had to resign due to her commitment to MadTV.


  1. Here Comes the Son
  2. Come Home

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