All I know is that my Lindsay's devastated, Dean's back with his parents, lives are ruined and you and your daughter can go to hell!
—Teresa accosting Rory
A Messenger, Nothing More is the 2nd episode of Season 5 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


ROME, REGRETS AND RENAISSANCE FAIRS – Rory (Alexis Bledel) calls Lorelai (Lauren Graham) from Rome and admits that she made a mess of things with Dean (Jared Padalecki). Lorelai gives Dean a letter from Rory, but Dean's wife Lindsay (Arielle Kebble) finds the letter and throws Dean out of the house.

Rory returns from Europe, and a terrible scene ensues when she and Lorelai run into Lindsay and her mother (guest star Tawny Rene Hamilton) on the street. Meanwhile, Luke (Scott Patterson) returns to Stars Hollow after many weeks helping his injured sister (guest star Kathleen Wilhoite) on the Renaissance Fair circuit. Luke and Lorelai try to find a private spot to say hello, but are interrupted by a town parade.


T.J. is milking his injuries for all he's worth, but Luke decides that it's time to go home after seven weeks on the Renaissance Fair circuit. Rory calls to apologize and to ask her mother to deliver a letter to Dean. Sookie and Lorelai decide to decompress with a girls-day-out. Emily and Rory come home exhausted from fending off the attentions of randy European men. Lindsay finds Rory's letter and confronts Dean. Lane realizes that she's falling for Zack.


  • Luke and Lorelai's 'rendezvous' once he returns from Maine mirrors Rory and Jess's first proper conversation and kiss following their admitting having feelings for each other.[1] Both couples-to-be are at Luke's, make up an excuse to leave and meet to be alone, awkwardly and sweetly starting their respective romances.
  • Lindsay finds out Dean cheated on her and they break up


  • "This Town" by The Go-Go's
  • "Chimacum Rain" by Linda Perhacs







Lorelai – I am the über-Drumph-Murdoch-maximus!
Liz – I was listening to my Deepak Chopra
Lorelai – (to Luke) What's that, Lucy, a football for me to kick?
Lorelai – (to Luke) See you when Hillary's president!
Zack – He was purging the "E! True Hollywood Story" part of it for his own benefit

Notes and references

  1. Let the Games Begin

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